Multiple Domain Mapping on single site

… is a growing WordPress-Plugin which is used especially for SEO and marketing purposes.

We put a lot of effort in the release of version 1.0 after we saw that the „prototype“ version 0.1 was used from thousands of people all over the world.

From the first days we also tried to help users with quick support, since we see this plugin as our gift to the WordPress-Community, which helps us with a lot of other great plugins day by day.

Das Team der FALKEmedia GmbH im Jänner 2019
Development and support in Austria/Europe

Go Premium?

The work on version 1.0 has also opened our minds to think about an additional version with extended functionality/comfort. This is something that we could only provide when we are paid for it, since good code and good support need a lot of ressources from our great team.

For all of the following features, please select how important they would be for you.

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