Multiple Domain Mapping on single site for WordPress

… is a growing WordPress-Plugin which is used especially for SEO and marketing purposes.

From the first days of the plugin we tried to help users not only with great code but also with basic support, since we see this plugin as our gift to the WordPress-Community, which helps us with a lot of other great plugins day by day.

… is free, open-source and built for techy users.

Our plugin reaches out to developers and experienced users. It will need some good knowledge with domains, hosting and DNS-records to set everything up correctly.

Non-developer users and those looking for enhanced features and professional support should use our partner-plugin Domain Mapping System which can be purchased with a 10 % discount coupon here.

Premium domain mapping on WordPress is possible for everyone

While the functionality in our plugin is pretty limited and straight forward, there are ways to use advanced domain mapping for every WordPress site out there

#1: use domain mapping system

We have partnered with the plugin “Domain Mapping System” to unlock a whole bunch of powerful features for you, also for users with less technical experience.

You can use our coupon code which is exclusive for users of this plugin to save 10% and get features like Global Domain Mapping, Category/Archive Mapping, Subdirectory Mapping, and much more!

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Check out their website:


#2: code for yourself or hire the experts

If you are an experienced developer or can hire one, you can build your own functionality on top of this open source plugin. This can be anything like custom templates per domain, different icons per domain, cross-domain-tracking with google analytics, …

Do you have ideas for further features to include in our plugins? Are you looking for professional and custom coded projects?

» Feel free to reach out to the people at FALKEmedia – the makers of this plugin.

Domain mapping on WordPress accompanies us since years and is a matter of heart to me.

We are happy that we partnered with Domain Mapping System: They build premium functionality which is great and affordable for many users, while we will keep our focus on custom solutions for our clients.

That can be anything from advanced mapping setups, complex multisite solutions, smart and automated online marketing, … or whatever you may imagine!

Matthias Wagner, Lead developer of Multiple Domain Mapping Plugin at FALKEmedia

Matthias Wagner with illustrated toolbelt
Das Team von FALKEmedia 2019
Development and support from FALKEmedia, based in Austria/Europe

We have an open ear for you. No matter if you would like to send us some ideas for new features or are looking for a quote* for your individual solution: just drop us a line

* regarding quotes: if you look for micro-job-freelancers to help you with wordpress troubles, please use platforms like fiverr or else. our minimum salary for jobs we want to take lies somehwere at € 1.000,- net.

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